20401 W Old US Highway 12, Chelsea, MI 48118

Guest Server w/Bar stools #9300

LAurie's Special #9125

The Classic Mission Island holds 6 bottles of your favorite wine and has room for stemware allowing serving of guest in one convenient location. Could also be used as a buffet

  • Knife Blade Drawer
  • Double 35 Qt. Waste Baskets
  • Towel Bars both sides 
  • Locking Casters
  • Top FC-7992 Asbury
  • Base Country White FP-5155
  • Two #240 Barstools included

The Guest Server features a drop leaf and bar stool storage with four locking caster wheels so you can move it easily and keep it securely in place when positioned.

  • Brown Maple Base 36"w x 20 1/2"d x 36"h
  • 31" x 36" w/ Leaf Extended
  • Towel Bars both sides 
  • Locking Casters
  • Top FC-7992 Asbury
  • Base Country White FP-5155
  • Two #240 Barstools included

Space Saver #9700

This Fruit and Spice island is as beautiful as it is functional. The 24 1/2" x 48" work surface is more than large enough for any food preparation task.

  • Brown Maple Base 46 1/2"w x 23"d x 33 1/2"h
  • Maple Top 48"w x 24 1/2"d x 2 1/4"h
  • Top has an oil finish
  • Paneled Backside
  • Base - FC-106 Acres

Oak/Walnut/Hard Maple

Walnut/Cherry/Hard Maple

End Grain Top

Danae's Design #9315

Space Saver #9700

Edge Grain Top

Butcher Block Hard Maple Tops

Butcher Block Top Islands make a very unique piece in any kitchen or bar area. If maintained properly, they will last a lifetime.

Granny's Choice #9520

This on-of-a-kind island is ideal for an on the go growing family. Features pull-out seats at each end for sitting down for a quick bite to eat. No need to pull up a chair! 2 Two-Tier drawers for maximum storage.

  • Cherry Base 46"w x 25"d x 34 1/4"h
  • Maple/Walnut Top - 57"w x 27"d x 1 3/4"h
  • Top has a clear finish
  • Paneled backside
  • Base Natural​

Hard Maple/Walnut

Kitchen workhorse featuring Edge Grain Chopping Block, utensil drawer and towel bars on each end

  • Brown Maple Base  - 30 1/2"w x 24 1/4"d x 32 1/2"h
  • Top - 36"w x 26"d x 3 1/2"h
  • Base - FP-19240 Duxbury Gray
  • Shelf - Natural
  • Top has an oil finish

Beautiful kitchen island that converts into a table for four. Space saving design features a full extension sliding table top & a chair storage for the 4 folding chairs. Convenient access to the chairs from both sides. 'Out of the way' bookshelves for recipe books.

  • 1/4 Sawn White Oak Base
  • Main Island 44"w  x 36"d x 341/2'h
  • Main Island Formica Top - 45"w x 38"d x 1 1/2"h
  • Formica Pullout Table 32" x 42"
  • Overall length of island w/table extended 100"
  • All tops included
  • Base FC-7992 Asbury
  • Tops Autumn Indian Slate

A kitchen base island on casters with a drop leaf and 1 shelf inside each door.

  • Maple Base - 36"w x 23 1/2"d x 35"h
  • 1" Maple Top - 38 1/2"w x 26"d x 1"h
  • Locking Casters
  • Towel Bar on left side
  • 3/4" Flat Backside
  • Top has clear finish
  • Base FP-W0117White
  • With Leaf Extended - 38 1/2"w x 36"d x 1"h

A customer designed island with pull-out seats at each end and storage below

  • Rustic QSWO Base  - 46"w x 24 1/2"d x 34 1/4"h
  • Top - 58"w x 33 1/2"d x 1 3/4"h
  • Base - FC-3512 Espresso
  • Top color - FC-11047 Ebony​

Concord #9515

Fruit & Spice #9000

Classic Mission #9100

Amish Made Islands

Classic Style with plenty of storage room. Spice rack on the sides, sliding baskets, storage compartment and 2 drawers makes this island one that any cook will enjoy.

  • Knife Block Drawer
  • Oak Base 32 1/2"w x 22 1/2"d x 33 1/2"h
  • Maple Top 36"w x 24"d x 2 1/4"h
  • Top has an oil finish
  • 3/4" Flat backside
  • Base - FC-10089 Tumbleweed